Mariners Name Jerry Dipoto Baseball Ops Chief

The title is Executive Vice President & General Manager of Baseball Operations. Jerry Dipoto, spent three and a half seasons as GM with the Angels. He is well thought of and a good choice. At least my wacko Angels fan brother-in-law thinks so. And the way these things play out he is as good a source as any, or better.

New GM’s tend to get measured by looking back at trades and free agent signings. SOme good, some so-so and of course, some horrible. The horrible moves always carry more influence with fans. A deteriorating, worsening relationship with Angels ownership reportedly was the door opener for Dipoto.

Nobody knows how this hiring will work out. There is no reason to feel it will be really bad. Dipoto has the kind of experience as a player as well as stints in scouting, player development and as an assistant GM. It is also interesting that Dipoto was a short list candidate for the Mariners job back when Jack was hired. He should be a fine GM. The question is can he fix whatever is wrong with the scouting and player development side of things.  Particularly with position players THAT is the challenge and the failing for the last seven years.

This change is a move that had to be made. That part was easy. Producing results, not so easy.

Mariners Name Jerry Dipoto Baseball Ops Chief

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