Hawks vs Da Bears, How’d It GO? What’s New?

Briefly, here is what’s new, how things looked Sunday…The Hawks bagged a solid 26-0 win against a pretty pathetic Bears team. Almost any NFL team is pathetic without their starting QB. Hawks, Good, Bad & Ugly:

The Good: The Hawks Defense is still the Hawks D. The shut out the Bears out and never allowed this game to feel like anything but a win. The D is as solid as ever and the kicking game is right there as well. WIth the D and kicking game hardly any offense is needed at all, which brings us to….

The Bad: The Hawks offense is right where it has been for two + seasons: pretty productive when it gets going but for half the game or more it does NOT get going. The O has never been extremely productive in generating offensive touchdowns. In 2014 the Hawks O was kind of middle of the pack in that realm. Against a really bad Bears team the offense generated ONE touchdown. Not good. Will need better against better teams down the road. That brings us to…

The Ugly: Within that not-so-productive offense there is this element called the offensive line. Sunday it was ugly. For the first half there was little or no push, running lanes or anything else. But the real ugliness was the pass protection. Wilson is not just getting sacked ,he is getting hit, often. This is a trend carrying over from 2014. The QB is getting knocked around. Forget all that tough and fast stuff. If Wilson isn’t better protected very soon one of these games he is not going to get up. And T-Jack at QB would truly be ugly.

Hawks vs Da Bears, How’d It GO? What’s New?

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