Integrity of the Game? NFL? Really?

If I was one of those NFL “fans” who really follows what is going on all year round I would be sick of the NFL already, weeks before the first game. I really don’t follow the NFL off-season  much at all but I am still pretty sick of the off field NFL. And here we are, in mid August and this league teeming with woman beaters, DUI violators and substance abusers seems to be flexing its morals and standards in court, going after one of its prized employees.

U.S, District Judge Richard M. Berman is the federal judge wasting time hearing the “deflategate” case featuring the NFL and Tom Brady, New England QB. Brady, with support of the NFL Players Association is fighting the four game suspension handed down by the  NFL commissioner/God, Roger Goodell.

Berman during one exchange questioned Goodell’s defense of the Brady suspension on the grounds of during one exchange the punishment was defended by the NFL on grounds it was comparable to performance enhancing drugs violations.

“How is that equal to steroid use” the judge asked.

“They both go to the integrity of the game” responded an NFL lawyer.

“Well ,everything goes to the integrity of the game.” the judge shot back.

There are probably no innocent parties here. I do tend to side with the employee who actually performs and somehow avoids criminal activities. At least over the CEO of a non-profit enterprise that gets paid $40 million plus. But there is one point that the judge and the NFL legal team are both way off target on:

This issue could only go to the integrity of the game if the NFL actually had any integrity.

Integrity of the Game? NFL? Really?

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