Some M’s Stuff

-Going into Wednesday’s game with The Giants our Mariners had scored 30 runs since June 6, the last 10 games. Only three runs per game won’t win many. Well the Mariners won five of those 10. Amazing? More amazing is the fact the M’s scored 17 of those 30 runs in two of the 10 games, both wins. That means that in the other eight games, the Mariners scored 13 runs, a blistering 1.63 runs per game. And they won three of those! What does this mean? Even in the best of times, when the M’s win a few, they still don’t and can’t score. AND if the pitching ever heads south we will break out the paper sacks.

-Should no-hitters and shutouts count if they are thrown against the Mariners?

-Can you imagine how great Felix’s numbers would be if he got to pitch against the Mariners?

-With the weather so great without the M’s we would have nothing to complain about.

Some M’s Stuff

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